The stages of creation

Discovering your brand

Your brand has its identity, you want it to be a bearer of values, mastering its image is a constant struggle. The communication that you do around it is decisive to establish its legitimacy. Before starting our work of transposing your brand into musical selection, it is essential to communicate to us each element constituting its positioning.

The creation of sound identity

From the elements provided, a Playlister is designated, it begins by roughing up the material by first selecting the musical trends closest to the spirit of your brand (fashion, trendy, classic, luxury, sport ...) then it will refine the selection according to his musical perception. Each element is taken into account, the instruments, the BPM, the energy, the mood ... This phase is called "pre-selection" 

The production

The sound designer will now refine the pre-selection according to his sensitivity, concretely he will extract the titles that will represent your brand. We are now in the "pure artistic" phase. To give you an idea of how to make a playlist of 100 songs (approx. 7 hours of music), listen to almost 1,000 songs from the pre-selection phase, which represents around 66 hours of music. listen. It's time to move on to creating playlists, taking into account the days of the week and the hours of the day.

Emotion, reflection and innovation

Our values answering you


What is an emotion?

According to Aristot "all those feelings which change a man by training him to modify his judgment and which are accompanied by suffering or pleasure" 

We can add many different definitions, but we can agree that they are influenced by stimuli and that they are pleasant or unpleasant.   

What are the positive musical genres?

A musical genre is neither positive nor negative, it all depends on the person listening to it, but even more on the place, the time of day and finally on the state of mind of the subject at the moment. To obtain a convincing result, it is necessary to make a selection "title by title".
A song can speak of sentimental rupture and provoke a positive emotion "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor. 

How to create a positive emotion?

At Keo we act on the soundscape to create positive emotional experiences. It is obvious that the same songs can arouse a different emotion depending on the individual. There is however a way to avoid the dissatisfaction of a part of your customers ... discover the way

The vectors of transmission of emotions?

Each sense is a vector of transmission, sight, smell, touch, taste and of course hearing. When sounds fly through the air to your ears, they can be both pleasurable and unpleasant. The judicious choice of sound content as well as the good quality of sound broadcasting are therefore elements that contribute to the well-being of your customers.  

The reflection

What is the goal ?

Before asking the question of content, it is essential to set a main objective and incidentally secondary objectives. A main objective would be, for example, to make the customer experience more pleasant, or to strengthen the identity of your brand.

What are the positive musical genres?

In order to boost sales or make the visit to your points of sale as pleasant as possible, you need to match the energy of the musical programming according to the time of attendance. The BPM, the instrumentation, the tone of the voices are among the elements to be taken into consideration when creating the agenda.

How to create a positive emotion?

Logically you must have asked yourself this question when designing your point of sale, it is on this basis that you were able to build your offer, decoration or even the choice of services and products. The positioning of your brand is the starting point that will allow us to choose among the hundreds of musical styles those that will appeal to your customers.

How to pass it on

Tailor-made musical programming for your brand actively contributes to strengthening your brand's image. Conversely, playlists chosen according to the musical tastes of the teams present at the point of sale can have a catastrophic effect not only on your image but also on the experience lived by your customers.


The renewal of playlists?

After defining the sound identity of your points of sale, our CRM, designed by our R&D department, will use Artificial Intelligence to renew Playlists according to the strategy chosen by our client. 

Qualitative sequences at constant volume

Keo continues to develop it's Player in order to provide optimal listening comfort. The quality of sound reproduction, the tempo sequence as well as the constant volume broadcast make Player Keo the essential tool to connect to your audio system.

Technology at the service of artistic direction

Choosing the most relevant titles from among several million could take you almost infinite time. Keo listens, tags and orders since 2006. Thanks to its search engine, Keo Playlisters are able to pre-select in a very short time. The technology developed by Keo provides the expected service in record time. 

Let your customers interact.

The Social Music application allows your customers to view in real time the titles broadcast in your points of sale, to choose from your playlist the next song to play, to stay in touch with your brand after their visit.



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