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Born in Paris in 2004, Keo makes custom musical selections for points of sale. Relying on proprietary technologies Keo has always sought on one hand to innovate and on the other hand to minimize any human intervention. We thank the hundreds of customers who use our services and who help us in their feedback to strive for perfection.

Our history

creation of Keo

It was at the time when Parisian brasseries and hotels used multi-cd players. Richard Szewczyk imports from the Netherlands, a computer-managed musical solution with touch control that has revolutionized the management of the sound environment in France.

nomination of the artistic director

In order to offer personalized musical selections to the most demanding customers, Gaetan Tuan joined the Keo project and was appointed artistic director. His solid experience as a DJ in the middle of Parisian nights allowed us to take a new step.

launch of the Keo player

After two years of archiving and qualifying tens of thousands of titles, Keo launches its own Player allowing to go even further in interactivity.

Keo reaches 200 customers

Keo has positioned itself on the unique sites market with an artisanal vision of the profession. Far from the copy-paste practiced in the sector, a single watchword "Each customer is unique".

launch Keo to the point of sale

keo is strong enough to offer its offer to large luxury accounts. the technology developed makes it possible to remotely control hundreds of Players all over the world.

opening Keo Morocco

Keo sets foot in Morocco and plans to set up a second office in Africa in the near future. The development of the French market is entrusted to Gaetan Tuau.

Keo reaches 800 points of sales

Keo's positioning as well as its clientele naturally went to the top of the range. 5 * hotel, Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury boutiques, Keo has embarked on the development of new technologies that will further raise the level of tailor-made in the world of sound design at the point of sale.

Our values


How to convey good emotion? What are the most positive musical genres? What is a BPM?

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the reflection

How to translate your brand into musical selection? Why choose one title over another? What is the right tempo for lunch?

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Are we innovating in the design of Playlists? How does technology improve customer service? What criticisms drive innovation up?

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Our clients

Keo is mainly present in the hospitality, retail, wellness, catering and the fashion sectors

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